Greek Mythology

You will use the following website to create your project: Blabberize

Username: WorldGeo (the W and G must be in CAPS)
Password: aajhs

What needs to be in your Blabberize

If you chose a God or Godddess

1. Name of your Greek God/ Goddess
2. What are they the God or Goddess of (example the sky, sun, love)
3. How is the god/goddess depicted in art, what are their symbols
4. Interesting Fact about the God/Goddess
5 Briefly describe a myth the god/goddesses/creature was involved in
6. Who were the God/Goddess parents

If you chose a Hero

1. Name of your hero
2. Describe your hero's attributes (speed, strength, intelligence)
3. Was the Hero a son of a god or goddess
4. Describe some the hero's adventure/conquest
5. How did the hero die or what happened to the hero after their adventures were over

If you chose a Mortal

1. Name of your Mortal
2. Attributes of your Mortal
3. If your mortal was punished by the Gods, how so
4. What God or Goddess was your mortal friends with, married to or in a relationship with
5. How did your Mortal Character die
6. What happened after your Mortals death

If you chose a Monster

1. Name of the Monster
2. Whom did they fight with
3. What were their strengths and weaknesses
4. Where did the Monster live
5. What was the fate of the monster

What you must do

1. Research you Greek Mythology Character
2. Create a script for your Blabberize
3. Find a picture to use in your Blabberize
4. Construct your Blabberize (Maximum of 2 minutes in Time)

Websites to use for project

Greek Mythology
Greek Gods and Goddesses
Greek Gods
The Olympians

Scoring Rubric