The "Great Escape" from Alcatraz

You will work on an activity pertaining the famous Alcatraz prison. There are several parts to the activity and each will use different websites. Below the websites are provided to help you are you journey through Alcatraz.

Section 1 Photos

Photos of Alcatraz
Using the link provided please pick five picture from the six pages provided. For each picture you choose, write down three observations you made about the photo; what stands out to you.

Section 2 Planning your escape

Virtual Tour of Alcatraz
Alcatraz Cellblock diagram
Alcatraz Island diagram

Using the links provided, design an escape plan from the inescapable prison. Be sure to use all three links to understand the layout of the entire prison.

Section 3

"Great Escape" from Alcatraz
Using the link provided, utilize the first 3 pages about the "Great Escape" to answer all questions.