Create Your Own Mythology

This assignment can be completed with a partner (1 other person) or individually

What you must do for the Assignment

1. Create a name for either a God, Goddess, Hero or Monster
2. What is the symbol(s) or attributes of your Character
If you have a God/Goddess what are their powers
3. Describe how your character looks physically (Height, strength, looks, etc....)
Describe any weaknesses your character has (Weak body part, allergies, easily fall in love, etc....)
4. Create a short myth (story) about your character (Adventures, A Love Story, a tragedy, etc....)
5. What are the name of the characters Parents
6. If the character is married, what is the name of their spouse
7. If the character had children, what is the name of their children

On a piece of art paper

Draw a detailed picture of your created character

On the back of the art paper, write your myth