Egyptian Mummification

During this CBL rotation you will be expected to research and create a presentation about Egyptian Mummification. This activity will be done on an individual basis. The project will worth 41 points and a rubric will be provided. Students will use Google Drive to create the presentation and a template will be provided. The template provides instructions for each on the 12 slides. At the end of the presentation, students will be expected to write three facts they learned about mummification. Also, students will need to produce 3 to 5 questions that were not answered during the research.

Below is a list of websites students can use during their research. Books and Encyclopedia will be available too. Have fun!

British Museum- Mummification
NOVA- How mummies were made (A video)
Mummy Interactive (A Game)
Mummy Maker (A Game)
Steps in mummification and materials
Steps in mummification
Video about Mummification
Importance of the Heart
The Heart and Soul
Burial Mask and Sarcophagus
Mummified Animals
Mummification in Other Cultures