Africa Poster Project

Students will be given an opportunity to create an informative poster about several issues in Africa.

1. Physical Geography of Africa (Mountains, faults, bodies of water (Lakes and Rivers), deserts)
2. Apartheid/Nelson Mandela
3. Tsetse Fly/Sleeping Sickness/Malaria/AIDS
4. Wildlife/Poaching/Endangered Species
5. Refugees/Displaced Africans/Lost Boys of Sudan
6. Empires of Ghana and Mali (King Mansa Musa, the Salt Trade)
7. Diamond Industry/Blood Diamonds

Resources students may use for Research

World Book Online
AIDS in Africa
**Power Library** (The Powerlibrary link is on right hand side, you may need to scroll down)
My library number: 23240000387063
Conflicts in Africa (link has information on Democratic Republic of the Congo, Sierra Leone, Rwanda and Nigeria)
Rwanda Genocide
Conflict/Blood Diamonds
Conflict Diamonds
Blood Diamond Statistics
African Endangered Species
Lost Boys of Sudan
Poaching of Rhinos
Poaching of Elephants
Physical Geography
Great Rift Valley, Nile River, Congo River, Niger River, Lake Victoria, Lake Tanganyika,
Serengeti Plain, Savannahs, Congo Rain Forest, Mt. Kenya, Mt. Kilimanjaro, Kalahari Desert, Namib Desert

Textbook Resources
Lost Boys of Sudan pg. 416
Africa Troubled Past pg. 418
Struggling to Survive pg. 419
Sleeping Sickness pg. 428
Mining and Cutting Diamonds pg. 458